Most used features in designed web sites


Content and Feature Ideas for Web Pages:

  • Online order forms for submitting information to the company

  • A map with detailed directions to your place of business

  • Product displays and listings

  • Photographs and biographies of personnel

  • Company Mission Statement (e.g.. “About Us”)

  • Links to partnership companies, organizations, and groups

  • Contact information for your company (e.g.. address, phone, fax, hours, and email).

  • Menus

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Online applications for potential employees

  • Sales and Specials

  • News Alerts

  • Calendar of Events

  • Company Policies

  • Customer Message board where customers can post messages and interact with each other

  • Job Openings

  • Manager/Employee “Spotlight”

  • Best Selling Items

  • Information On Branch Locations

  • Company Trivia

  • Company History

  • Gift Shop Page: used to sell company shirts, hats, et. al.

  • Seasonal and Holiday Offerings

  • Any unique features and ideas that apply to your company


Almost everyone these days is looking for a sense of community.  To find the ideal location to settle down, plant a garden, raise a family and generally live life.  We are all looking for our dream homes.

It takes more than a great, content rich, web site to convey the mood of a community or a style of life.

As a result, I use Macromedia Flash animations because of its ability to load fast, run without special browser software, flexibility and true multimedia  capabilities.

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