Translation Process


The goal of a professional translator is to capture the exact meaning of the source text without compromising the integrity of the author’s style of expressing ideas. In today’s rapidly changing world, good translators must be careful to adapt modern phrases and ideas to fit into less adaptive languages.

The translation process begins with selecting the perfect collaborators for each assignment. We are native speakers of Romanian language and have an in depth knowledge of your particular industry. A database of corporate terminology specific to your company will be created and approved by the client, to ensure consistency. The translator and proofreader will go through several rounds of perfecting the text. Next, a third party will check the text for issues of cultural sensitivity. It will then be put through the preceding process until all of the involved language professionals agree on the completion of the project.

We are aware of restrictive deadlines. However, due to our extensive resource pool of dedicated professional collaborators and years of experience, we are able to meet the tightest deadlines. We will provide your translation in hard copy and / or disk, E-mail, fax, or modem.

Our Terms and Conditions

We welcome your business and will strive to provide you with an accurate translation. However, only the original language is exact. We are not responsible for any meanings or expectations you may derive from the content, only the transition of words from one language to another.

We will explain any cultural references when possible but does not offer advice concerning any expressed or implied purpose or meaning of any document. Any implications relate to the client only, not me.

We provide this site and related services subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth below.

Privacy Policy

We will not disclose to third parties your credit card information or other private information, except to the extent necessary to complete a transaction initiated by you. We do not use cookies to track activity; however, it does employ general data collection to track average site traffic.

Please note that we review our privacy policies from time to time and have the right to amend them as it sees fit. We can be contacted with questions or comments at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A word about confidentiality: 

We are fully aware of the fact that some documents contain proprietary information and must be treated as confidential. If requested, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to assure the confidentiality of the document to be translated. All documents are stored in a secure environment.  No proprietary information is ever released. If requested, the original documents are returned to the client.