SC MultiMedia SRL, nominated for ‘Best Enterprise Award‘ by Socrates Nomination Committee, Oxford, UK

Socrates Nomination Committee and the Socrates Almanac Editorial Board (Oxford, UK) investigate public opinion to discover contemporary leaders – outstanding persons and successful companies representing different countries which had made a great contribution to the national economies and positive social processes.


"SC MultiMedia SRL is known regionally for the top level overall performance and has been highly scored by the Nomination Committee. An assessment is based on public and business reputation's criteria. The committee has recommended company for the ‘Best Enterprise Award‘ due to your strong position in the national market, your business reputation, positive regional image, investment attractiveness and competitiveness."


The Best Enterprise Award will be presented to the company at the Oxford Summit of Leaders (20 December 2016, Oxford Town Hall, UK), during the Socrates Gala Ceremony.


The Best Enterprise Project was established in 2000 for leaders' signification to provide them the competitive position, that can strengthen their positive social image and trust at the consuming end.