Romanian Intelligence Service and cyber security

cyber security

Romanian Intelligence Service asks for the right to penetrate all the computers of the Romanians, and requires the "registration" of all devices accessing the Internet.

General Dumitru Dumbravă said, at the Information Technology and Communications Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, where it discusses the draft law on cyber security, that "every second there are 8 new Internet users and 18 victims of various Internet frauds. Within 24 hours, 250,000 malicious code are written. A trojan can infect today 1.2 billion PCs. We can be patient, but the objective and the virtual reality have no patient with us."

Some NGOs said that, according to the draft law on cyber security, computer investigation can be performed even if the person concerned has not committed any criminal offense and without the need for authorization of a judge.

Association for Human Rights in Romania - Helsinki Committee believes that "a serious consequence of the adoption of the bill is that people who do not commit crimes will have fewer rights and guarantees to those who commit crimes. In other words, the law logic is the result of the replacement of logic with information services alertness ".