Online Advertising Service

Online Advertising Service

Online Advertising can be a highly effective method of brand-building and further increasing targeted traffic to your Web site.

MultiMedia provides a comprehensive campaign management service that encompasses the following:

  • Media research

  • Media planning

  • Design and production of banner creatives

  • Media buying and placement

  • Placement validation

  • Performance analysis and reporting

  • Campaign optimization

Depending on the objectives and scope of a given campaign, CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click) and Content Sponsorship models may be utilized.

The management of an advertising campaign involves a two-stage process:

  • Campaign Preparation: Media research, media planning and production of initial banner creatives.

  • Campaign Implementation: Media buying and placement, validation, performance analysis and optimization (closing the loop with media planning in an on-going cycle).

The design and production of banner creatives are charged separately.

Internet Classified Ads

Classified Ad Sites on the Internet are very similar to Newspaper Classifieds. Some sites offer free listings while others will charge a fee for a specific time period. In either case you need to enter and submit the ad information.

The response mechanism normally used for your ad is an E-mail address but a normal mail address or your web site address may be used.

Some of the sites are general sites with indexes of their own for classifying the ads. Other sites specialize in one area or product line.

There are many Web Sites on which you may list your advertisement. Any search engine will present the addresses of several hundred when you search using the keyword of "classified" or "classifieds".