Internet Marketing and Online Advertising

Internet Marketing

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MultiMedia has a proven track record in helping businesses achieve success on the Internet and a measurable return on their online investments. We are now recognized as one of the leading online marketing consultancies in Romania for small business.

Marketing Strategy

  • Search Engines and Directories Positioning

  • E-mail Mail Marketing

  • Banner Exchange & Purchased Exposures

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Articles and Press Releases

  • Strategic Links

  • Guest Book Registration

  • National & Local Newspaper Ads

  • Online Advertising

Besides the worldwide possibilities, we dispose of our own great resources to promote your products, services, web site or image.

Advertise Your Site Everywhere

Its Your Company & Products - Brag about it !

Once your site is up and running your site address and E-mail addresses should be publicized wherever possible. This is one area that must be completed internally by your company. You want people to know where your Web Site is and how to contact your company via E-mail (a most economical and convenient method).

Remember, however, that your Web Site should be kept up to date and offer the visitors information and function. Simply keeping a "Frequently Asked Question" or "Technical Support" page can be a considerable benefit at times. These may also bring traffic to your site.

Here is where your Site URL and E-mail addresses should be posted and advertised.

  • Stationary and business cards.

  • Company brochures and product descriptions.

  • Product Flyers.

  • All Media Advertising TV, radio, billboards, newspaper, magazine.

  • Internet Classifieds

  • Investor and Shareholder reports.

  • Any FAX Transmissions.

  • As a Signature on all company E-mail.