How to install WordPress

Wordpress Dezvoltatori

Before installing WordPress you need to check:
 1. That your host fulfills the necessary conditions (no panic, most of them meet it).
 2. That you have the skills (do not worry, it’s not so difficult).
 These two conditions should not be a problem, but it is wise to check it before you start.


The Book Chain

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The author writes the text. If there is a collaborative work, there may be several authors. The author gives or not the rights for use of his work to a publishing house which is in charge of the broadcast, depending on the jurisdiction. At the writing level, it must be distinguished between the essays of creative works on one hand, and works ordered by publishers on the other hand. The essays address technical and scientific fields or current events.
 The publisher, on behalf of his publishing house, took most of the financial risk of publishing (layout and model, if necessary, translation, printing and distribution) and profit sharing between the author, distributor and bookseller.

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Web 2.0 Definition

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Web 2.0 is the evolution of the Web towards greater simplicity (requiring no technical knowledge or computer for users) and interactivity (allowing everyone, individually or collectively, to contribute, share and collaborate in various forms). The term “Web 2.0" means all technical, features and uses of the World Wide Web that follow the original form of the web, especially interfaces that allow users with little technical knowledge to adopt new functionality of the web. Thus, users contribute to the exchange of information and can interact (share, exchange, etc.) simply, with both the content and structure of the pages, but also between them, creating this way the social web. The user is using the tools at its disposal, as an active person on the canvas.
 The term “2.0" is now used as a generic term to apply the concept of Web 2.0 to other application domains.

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Computing Devices

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The computer itself is the main source of information for the investigator. In the computer, information is stored on the hard disk. A hard disk drive is a device that can record magnetic data, consisting of one or more rigid discs, read / write heads and mechanical mechanisms protected by a metal casing, hermetically sealed. The storage capacity of a hard disk is normal nowadays thousands of gigabytes. A computer may have one or more hard disks of different types and capacities.

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