Marketing approach

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The marketing approach is an attitude of research, analysis, listening to the market and its supposed environmental permit. Understanding consumer behavior involves a double research effort (via qualitative studies or quantitative studies). The intrinsic dimension is what is unique, which is unique to each person as a way to represent and practice the act of consumption.

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Problems with translation


According to the school of thought of target-oriented translation, it is necessary to focus on the accuracy of the remarks at the expense of style, when necessary.
 Most freelance translators, telling that they are specialized in just about everything, contradict the term of specialization. It is obvious that their behavior is looking for maximum translation work.
 A well-known difficulty for translators, but there is little awareness outside of them, is the fact that the text to be translated is often already a translation, not necessarily true, and it must, to the extent possible, to try passing it back to the original.

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Circular economy in European Union

Circular economy

The circular economy is a generic term designating an economic concept which is part of sustainable development and particularly inspired notions of green economy, economy of use or functionality of the economy , economic performance and industrial ecology (which means that the waste from one industry will be recycled as raw material by another industry or the same).

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