The web developer, a still trending job

web developer

The web developer is, formally, a software developer or software engine working in the development of the network applications (especially the Internet), using specific protocols and services. He can administer the web sites as webmaster, design the websites as web designer, or develop applications as web developer. The web developer is formally employed, or he work as freelancer.

It is important for a web developer to have knowledge related on the interpreted scripting languages like Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, VBScript, JScript, etc., or even compiled languages like Java, C, C++, C#, VB.Net, etc., in order to create dynamic and interactive server-side web applications. To build client-side web applications, a web developer needs client-side interpreted scripting languages such as JavaScript (also called ECMAScript), HTML markup, Cascading Style Sheets, and the web browser DOM, as well as Rich Client technologies such as Flash, Java, Curl, XUL, etc. To store and handle data, the web developer have knowledge about the Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle database, PostgreSQL, etc.

It is very helpful for a web developer to have knowledge about graphic design and web design, the laws of copywriting for different countries, web usability and accessibility as well as Internet marketing, online advertising and search engine optimization.

The web developers are the gods of the virtual world. They create the Internet, every day and every hour, in accordance with some specific rules, standards and guidelines created by the World Wide Web Consortium. These rules change from time to time to depending on the general evolution of the technology, most of the time the authors of these changes being the web developers themselves.

The formal web developer is very rigorous in complying with the standards and guidelines, and makes a very clear difference between their work and graphic design, for ex, considered as being specific to the web designers, considered as a different job. But due to the multitude of tutorials and information spread over the Internet and accessible to everyone, and to the fact that this job is very well paid, there are today a lot of novice web developers without the needed knowledge that, in many situations, do not respect the standards and create their own rules.

A special attention have to be paid by the web developers to the security of their work, checking the possible errors and monitoring the malicious practice of some users that try to exploit the vulnerabilities of the systems to gain information and access.

There are a very diversified category of jobs for the web developers, from entry level to management roles.