MultiMedia SRL

MultiMedia SRL

Develop your business on the Internet and mobile. From local to global.

As online businesses are in constant development by interacting with customers, companies are forced to adapt to an increasingly interactive marketplace, through increased focus on websites and internet marketing, to increase revenues and promote their products and brands. To count online, it is important to seek the services of a professional.

We provide personalized and effective online solutions since 2001. Our services increase profitability and global availability.

About MultiMedia SRL:

  • MultiMedia SRL is a company with over 20 years in business development on the Internet, translation, media and multimedia
  • MultiMedia SRL has implemented EU partnership projects with partners such as Airbus Industries, Siemens Automation, etc.

Services provided by MultiMedia SRL:

Web design, e-commerce, other web applications

  • Web sites for public institutions, NGOs, funded projects, industry, commerce, finance, automotive, tourism, etc.
  • e-Commerce for selling products on the internet, online and offline payments
  • Dynamic and elegant, responsive, tailored websites for tablets and mobile phones
  • Automation, integration with social networks
  • Repair, modification, upgrade, maintenance and web hosting on best servers

Internet marketing, SEO, online advertising, branding

  • Internet marketing for search engines and social networks, and mobile marketing
  • Search engine indexing in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local marketing, including through Google Maps
  • Online advertising through websites and blogs, search engines, and PPC (AdWords)
  • Viral marketing, branding, protecting the reputation
  • Development of a specific strategy to maximize conversion, including through the management of links and other recommendations

Software localization, Romanian and French translation

  • Accurately translation, keeping the spirit of the original document and cultural meaning, in and from English, Romanian and French
  • Technical domains, multimedia, websites, advertising and business, software localization
  • Including translations in the same format as the original, or another format upon request
  • Complete process of editing, proofreading, printing and processing translated documents
  • Using specific programs CAT tools

Articles, desktop publishing, secretarial services

  • Creating optimized content (articles, etc..)
  • Development and distribution of corporate news and press releases, viral posts on social networks
  • Desktop publishing for books, leaflets and printed publications in specific formats
  • Secretarial services, word processing, management of e-mail messages
  • Printing and scanning, data entry
  • Online publications, radio and television

Powerpoint, Word, PDF, image, audio and video editing

  • Edit and modify images
  • Edit and modify audio, including special effects and soundtracks for presentations
  • Create, edit and modify videos, including special effects
  • Presentation of companies, projects, etc., in Powerpoint, Word, Excel an PDF formats, slide shows, video clips, animations, etc.
  • Developing a special YouTube channel for presentation, audio and video streaming

e-Book conversion, formatting, publishing, ISBN

  • Scanning, editing, formatting, publishing and promoting e-books
  • Converting written books or manuscripts in e-books in all major specific formats and support in their sale
  • Distribution of electronic books in the biggest online stores: Amazon, Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • Promoting electronic books through online marketing, reviews, releases, news

Contact MultiMedia SRL:

Contact us by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), for a discussion about the way we can help you to develop online your business.

Nicolae Sfetcu
SC MultiMedia SRL


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Best Enterprise"Best Enterprise" in quality and management, "Best Manager of the Year", London, UK, 2014

The Bizz 2010"The Bizz 2010", On behalf of the World Confederation of Business, Houston, Texas, 2010

Golden Europe Award"Golden Europe Award" for Quality & Commercial Prestige, and "Top Quality Management", Paris, 2009

International Star Award"International Star Award" for Quality for Excellence and Business Prestige, Gold Category, Geneva 2005

WQC International Star Award"WQC International Star Award", Business Initiative Directions, Gold Category, Paris 2003